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Speedy Moving Company will take the weight off your shoulders and the strain off your back

Packing and unpacking can be the heaviest part of a move. We offer first class packing services to reduce the stress of moving. Our packing services are based on the same hourly rates as the move plus the cost of packing materials. If you would like us to handle all or part of the packing and/or unpacking, please let us know in advance, as there is a high demand for our packing crews.


Should I hire a full service? This is a decision you must make based on time and cost. A packing service could add a couple of hundred dollars to your moving budget. However, if you need to take a two-week vacation to pack and organize the house, it may be worth it. Most of the time, we can pack your home in a single day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with – and out of – boxes.


If you are on a tight budget or want to reduce the cost of your move, we offer packing of special items, especially fragile items: kitchen, artwork, mirrors or other fragile or valuable objects. You can also ask about our packing services for extra valuables.


If you decide to pack yourself, don’t know how many boxes you need for the size of your move, call us at (617) 504-5530 and we will provide you with all types of boxes, no matter the size or strength, be sure we will provide you with a high quality in every box.

This eliminates the risk of confusion or crossed wires. We have all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary for difficult, bulky, valuable or fragile items, and our staff has unrivaled expertise. Our removal experts are just a phone call away. Boston moving has never been easier.

Do you have a move to make but don't know who to consult with? Speedy Moving Company is your best choice

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We are known for our reputation of providing excellent and inexpensive moving services in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts.

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